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Flea Market Slot Machine Flea Market Slots Payout

Flea Market Slot Machine Intro

Welcome to the market! An unusual one, we should say. Fleas standing here and there, buying this and that. A strange, but really interesting picture. And in the middle of the market there’s a nice classic slot machine. It suggests you join the GROOVY fleas and to remember, how cool it was in the hot 60s. Help the customers make nice matches, and they’ll surely share a piece o’ cake with you.

The game suggests you to make matches on 1 line and 3 reels, like in most classic slot machines. Flea Market was released by Rival, and is available both in download and no download versions.

Also, this game gives you a unique chance to make a nice bunch of hot matches with the wwwild symbol of Ring. When 1 or 2 Rings help to make a crazy-dazy match, the sum of your wins is also multiplied by 2 or 4, respectively.

Flea Market Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

Flea Market Slots suggest you to join the market sells and choose from a great range of bet options. The size of your bet depends in this game on the coin value and the number of coins you risk-and-stake per line. In total, you can bet between $0.10 and $50. This lets you try both risky and careful stakes to choose the most BUCKS-WINNING strategy.

You can bet 1 or 2 coins per spin, and the size of your winnings depends on this option. Usually, with two coins staked you will get the double win, but if you strike the top-hop combination of 3 Rings with 2 coins staked, you’ll get 2.5x as much as with 1 coin. Striking three Rings with 2 coins of maximal value awards you the top jackpot of 10,000 coins or $250.000. What a HOT THANG, eh? Don’t miss your chance!

Unlike many classic slots, this game offers you surprisingly stunning graphics and amusing animations! But of course, the most CRAZY thing ’bout this video game is that you get totally merged into the atmosphere of classic Vegas-Megas slot machines! Your top and bottom will be all there – just try this slots game to feel like in the 70s.

You’ll be also quite surprised at the hot offers available in the Flea Market. These cute insects are currently MAD about Lollipops, Bureaus and Rings, so the combinations of these icons pay you the top in this grrrrrreat slot machine. Not to forget about the classic slots atmosphere, the game also suggests you to strike combinations with Bar, Double Bar and Triple Bar icons. You’ll even get a prize for striking any 3 bar icons on the payline.

Feel the razzle-dazzle of real Flea Market in this amazing slot game! Join the odd sellers and buyers, and you’ll get many chances to win a nice sum of cash.

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