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Heroes’ Realm Slot Machine Intro

Welcome to the Kingdom of heroes! It may seem impossible, but every woman and every man in this land are incredibly strong, so nobody dares to attack the Heroes’ Realm. Though it may seem that the kingdom has calm and relaxed life, sometimes it happens that even its dwellers have to take swords and shields into their arms. This time the Realm’s ally is in danger, so they are again on the path of war.

While the mighty heroes are on the way, you can help to oppose their enemy in the ally kingdom. To do this you will have to make matches on 3 reels and 1 payline. Blessed by Rival, this slot machine will not only help you defeat the enemy in no download mode, but also award really high payouts. One of the best features of Heroes’ Realm is that US players are accepted and can enjoy this game, too.

Like most classic slot machines, Heroes’ Realm Slots have no wild icon. Anyway, this little disadvantage is fully compensated by two scatter symbols and a bonus icon. The first scatter of this game is Knife. If two or three knives are matched on the payline, you get a bunch of Free Spins. The second scatter symbol is Chest, and it gives you nice prizes even if only one icon appears on the payline. Finally, three Bonus Skulls trigger a special Bonus Round.

Heroes' Realm Free Spins
Heroes’ Realm Free Spins Feature
Heroes' Realm Featured Bonus Game
Heroes’ Realm Bonus Game

Heroes’ Realm Slot Game Bets to Make to Win Jackpot

This game offers you a lot of betting options. All-in-all, the bets range in Heroes’ Realm between $0.10 and $30. To change the sum of stake you can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins of the following values: $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10. The wide range of available bets is good for trying different betting tactics – you can operate with small, moderate and big bets just the way you like.

The minimal bet of $0.10 is available if you stake 1 coin with minimal value. Minimal bets are good for trying the game and for enjoying all its features, but with small payouts. To get really big wins it’s better to stake moderate sums, or even the maximum. This will help you win really huge sum including the top jackpot of 2,250 coins or $22,500 awarded for 3 Axes and 3 coins staked.

Heroes’ Realm Slots Bonus Game

Heroes’ Realm has a lot of video slots features. For example, you can play two bonus games. The first of them awards you up to 50 Free Spins. If you catch two Knife scatters, you get 10 Free Spins, which is a good prize, too. If the lucky match contains three Knives, you get the maximal prize of 50 Free Spins.

The other bonus game is triggered by 3 Skulls appearing on the payline. The game starts on the second screen, and suggests you to fight evil skeletons attacking the Heroes’ ally. When the feature ends, you will get a nice prize for every killed skeleton and monster. The biggest prize is awarded for defeating the Leader of Skeletons. All battles are played on a nice map, so you can’t but enjoy the Bonus Game of this slot machine.

Heroes’ Realm Slots tell us a nice story of knights fighting for the happiness of their friends. Besides the breathtaking gameplay, you will get high payouts, stunning graphics, 2 bonus modes and many other intriguing features that are usually not characteristic of classic slots.


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